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3D Designing

Bridging the gap between imagination and creation


Producing photorealistic rendered images and videos of product concepts.

Graphic Design

Optimizing product solutions with defined constraints.

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About Us

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The RAD Workshop is a Product Design & Development Agency that accelerates Innovative Ideas by revolutionizing Digital Manufacturing.

We empower companies to bring new Innovative Ideas to the market by offering the fastest and most comprehensive Manufacturing & Product Design services.

Our rapid product design services & manufacturing systems allow us to produce commercial-grade plastic, silicon & metal parts within hours.

Our multi-professional team and our collaborative design processes have resulted in outstanding products for clients in Consumer Electronics, Household Items, IoT, Industrial Parts, lifestyle & exhibition, Furniture, wearable Products, and Medical & Healthcare equipment.

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Recent Work

Recent Product Design & Some Past Projects

This portfolio highlights the proficiency in the comprehensive design and development process of a product. The demonstration encompasses the entire product design lifecycle, from conceptualization to rendering, and showcases a proven history of delivering exceptional results in every stage. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, we are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations.


Erwin Vorenhout

"A thorough professional who understands exactly what your needs are. He delivered well in advance with perfect execution despite multiple changes in the request from my side."


"Thank you very much for the great job you made for this project. I have approached 3 designers before you but all 3 failed to accomplished this job. You have technical capability to do complex designing jobs and what is important you are honest and have credibility to complete what you promise to do."

Andrew Hanes

"Words cannot describe the amazing work that I received. This designer is world class and anyone reading this should STOP and just commit, you will not be disappointed!"


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These blogs aim to provide insights into design and engineering by sharing accumulated knowledge from experiences and lessons learned.

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